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Congratulations Dr. Dougherty!

For the past four years, Dr. Dougherty has served on the Council on Dental Benefits Program at the American Dental Association.  He was the representative for the 16th District which includes Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The ADA commended his work by presenting him with a plaque at their headquarters in Chicago.

Congratulations Brett!

Brett Dougherty was named 2021 ALL-IAC and received an Outstanding Athlete Award for Varsity Boys Golf!

Dr Dougherty's son has been captain of Saint Stephen's and Saint Agnes school golf team for 3 years and graduates this year!

We are celebrating our patients!

Thank you for supporting us through the pandemic! It is because of patients like you, our office managed to celebrate a year of working safely through these uncertain times. 

Our team had a wonderful evening at Quattro Goombas Brewery celebrating our friendships and working together over the last year. 

Thank you for your support and friendship!

There's always something fun going on at our practice!

We invite you to visit our practice, and find out what’s new this month!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS (December 2018)

DoughertyDDS would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!  May the season bring you warmth, peace, joy, and a lot of beautiful smiles filled with laughter!!


We had a wonderful time this past week taking continuing education courses and networking at The Virginia Meeting.  The annual conference was held at the Omni Homestead Resort in Hot Springs.  We're excited to share all the amazing things we learned with you!


Each year, DoughertyDDS donates toothbrushes, toothpaste, and chapstick to Falls Church New Teacher Bags.  These bags are distributed to the new teachers in Falls Church City schools.  Dr. Dougherty has been a Business in Education partner with the Falls Church City schools for several years.  The bags are a wonderful way to welcome and thank new educators to the Falls Church communtiy.

BEST OF FALLS CHURCH 2018 (August 2018)

DoughertyDDS was recently presented with the honor "Best of Falls Church 2018."  Dr. Dougherty has been awarded Best Dentist for the sixth year.  We would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your continued patronage to the practice.  Thank you to everyone who casted a vote for us.  It is patients like you that make it fulfilling to serve the community's dental needs!

(Not picture: Dental Hygiene Superstar Daniela!)


You may have noticed a couple new faces around our office.  We've recently welcomed Daniela (Registered Dental Hygienist) and Abigail (Dental Assistant) to the Dougherty DDS team.  Stop by and say hello!  We look forward to seeing you soon!


Dr. Dougherty's sons, Brett and Matthew, both competed in championship basketball games recently.  The kids are ready for some Spring sports, and some Spring weather!


Falls Church was just named America's Healthiest Community!  We are so proud to be part of this wonderful Little City!  DoughertyDDS has been in Falls Church since 1968 when Dr. Dougherty's father began the practice.  Being a generational office in the healthcare field, in U.S. New's "Healthiest Community," is such an honor.  Way to go Falls Church!  Read the full article here.


Dr. Dougherty's daughter, Olivia, had the chance to ride in the International Horse Show at Capital One Arena in DC the other weekend.  There were sixteen total riders in her group.  It was an amazing experience and a great opportunity to participate.  She and Chessy were very excited!


Dr. Dougherty's daughter competed in another horse show this weekend.  She won Champion of the Pony Hunter Division for the 2017 Turner Farm Show Series and 4th place overall in the Pony Pleasure Division.  Way to go, Olivia!


We said a bittersweet goodbye to our dear Jaclyn this month.  She and Frank moved to Texas to follow some big dreams of smaller town living.  She is very excited about this new chapter in her life and we couldn't be happier for her.  Best of luck, Jaclyn!


DoughertyDDS was chosen as the Best of Falls Church 2017!  We are so proud to be voted #1 dentist again!  Thank you to everyone who voted.  Patients like you make serving the community so rewarding.


Dr. Dougherty is getting ready to wrap up his Presidential term with the Virginia Dental Association.  He has been traveling around the state participating in various community outreach projects.  His recent travels took him to Wise County, where he and numerous other volunteers delivered donated dental services to underserved populations.  He had an opportunity to meet with some local dental assisting students while providing care to those in need.


Dr. Dougherty's daughter, Olivia, was the Champion in her Regional Division this past weekend at her Rose Mount Horse Show.  She and Chesapeake Star spent some time in the Winner's Circle.  Go Olivia and Chessy!


Jaclyn competed in the NPC East Coast Classic fitness competition in Baltimore last month.  She placed 2nd in the Regional Figure Division.  She trained for six months for the competition and was excited to celebrate with her family and friends.  Jaclyn spent a little extra time flexing for the camera with her boyfriend, Frank.


Dr. Dougherty recently attended the North Carolina state dental meeting.  He and his wife, Tracey, were able to spend some time with U.S. House of Representatives Congressman, Dr. Paul Gosar.  Dr. Gosar is one of four dentists in Congress.  Dr. Dougherty represented the Virginia Dental Association at the annual meeting.


Dr. Dougherty recently spoke at Virginia Commonwealth University's Dental School graduation.  He spoke to over 100 graduating dentists and dental hygienists.  He was also presented with an Honorary Alumus diploma from Dean David Sarrett for his outstanding leadership, service, and stewardship.


Our previous Patient Care Coordinator, Stephanie, graduated from her prestigious Dental Hygiene program at Virginia Commonwealth University.  We are so proud of her.  She passed her Boards with flying colors and will soon be praticing in the Northern Virginia area.  Way to go Stephanie!


Dr. Dougherty and some fellow dentists of the Virginia Dental Association gathered at a local news station to take calls about accessing and utilizing dental care in the area.


DoughertyDDS has been recertified as a "Green" office.  The state of Virginia recognizes businesses making efforts to better the environment.  The Virginia Environmental Excellence Program awarded DoughertyDDS the certification back in 2009.  The office must submit annual reports showing expanded improvements in environmental preservation.  The office has recycled over 10,000 pounds of materials and is helping keep the water clean through special filtration systems.  DoughertyDDS is the only dental office in Virginia honored with this certification and we are honored to pass along our environmental commitment to our patients.


Jaclyn recently traveled to Seattle for a quick get-away from busy Northern Virginia.  The highlights of her trip were Deception Pass State Park, enjoying awesome food, and a day at the famous Pike Place Market.  Her travels take her all kinds of beautiful places.  I wonder where she'll be next!


Dr. Dougherty participated in the annual Mission of Mercy project of Northern Virginia.  He has been involved in the project since it started over a dozen years ago.  This year, over 600 volunteers provided over $700,000 in donated dental services to over 1,000 patients.  The project continues to grow and is more success each passing year.

(Dr. Paul Olenyn and Dr. Dougherty)


Miriam and Jaclyn dressed the Falls Church Professional Center lobby for the holidays with a beautiful Christmas Tree; complete with candy canes for visitors to enjoy!  Beautiful job, ladies!


We're wishing Dr. Dougherty a very happy birthday this week!  We hope you have another year filled with happiness and smiles!


DoughertyDDS is celebrating the holiday season and the end of another year! Thank you to everyone who helped make the year great.  We are thankful for each and every one of you!  Happy Holidays!!


It is with great excitment we announce our very own Dr. Dougherty as the new Virginia Dental Association President.  Dr. Dougherty has been an active member with the Association since graduating from dental school in 1988.  He has worked very hard, both clinically, and legislatively, to achieve this prestigious honor.  We are very proud to have such an extraordinary man as out leader and mentor.  Congratulations, Dr. Dougherty, on your enormous success!


Jaclyn competed this month in a regional Figure competition.  She trained intensively for 16 weeks both in the gym, and in diet and form.  She has been dreaming of fitness competitions her whole life.  She took first place in both novice state and regional divisions, and placed in open state and regional divisions.  We are very proud of her and wish her all the best in her future competitions.


Jaclyn attended the Under One Roof conference last weekend.  Under One Roof is an annual meeting of continuing education, networking, and exhibits for Dental Hygienists around the country.  Jaclyn completed courses in Periodontics and Anesthesia.  She was able to sample new products from emerging companies in the dental field.


Friends who play together, lose teeth together!  Dr. Doughery's son, Matthew, and his good friend, Savannah, have matching gaps in their smiles.  The friends giggled at dinner the other night while showing off their missing teeth.


Dr. D and the family took a weekend trip to a winery a few weeks ago.  They had fun taking in the scenery and coming up with fun games like Jump the Hay Bale. The winery is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains and has over 1,300 acres of beautiful hillside.  The kids took some time to rest after an afternoon of jumping.


Miriam grew up in Alexandria, Virginia.  With roots in El Salvador, family was always the most important value.  Over the last four years in the dental field, Miriam has been able to share that value with her patients.  Her warm personality delivers a personal approach to everyone she meets.  As the newest member of the team, she brings a breath of fresh air to the practice.  Miriam enjoys training in the arts of Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu, and plans to start business classes in the fall.


Jaclyn crossed the pond again on her international travels.  She was able to visit Austria, France, Germany, and Switzerland this time.  Her trip included visiting some Swiss lakes, a cable car ride, and tasting lots of delicious foods!


Dr. D and his boys participated in the Color Run at the National Harbor a few weeks ago.  Their friend, Andrew, joined in on the fun.  The windy day kept them pretty clean this year, but rainbow colors filled the air.


Katie, Dr. Dougherty, and Jaclyn are now using the Spark Headlight with their dental loupes so your teeth will be brighter than ever!  Spark is the newest wireless headlight development from Orascoptic.


This past Sunday was Matthew's First Communion.  Matthew is the youngest of Dr. Dougherty's three children.  He held a special, hand made banner on a beautiful sunny Sunday.  What a special moment for the whole family.



Dr. Dougherty's daughter, Olivia, competed in her first horse jumping show last week.  Her horse, "Sebastian Look At Me," known to his rider as Squirt, is 23 years old and a veteran jumper.  She and Squirt won Champion in the show.  She wore blue ribbons in her hair passed down from other girls at the barn for good luck.  Although with her horse whispering skills, she didn't need them!  Now she has two sets of blue ribbons!  We are very proud of her.



Last week DoughertyDDS donated children's toothpaste to a local Head Start program.  The program is designed to provide care and knowledge to children in underserved communities.  An area hygienist is working with children on the importance of good oral health.  The toothpaste will provde flouride to help keep their teeth strong and healthy.  We also donated professional supplies to the Northern Virginia Dental Clinic in Sterling, VA.  These supplies will be used by volunteering dentists and hygienists while treating patients in the community.

Northern Virginia Dental Clinic: Loudoun


Dr. D and his family celebrated spring break in Hilton Head this year.  They enjoyed some warm beach time, horseback riding, and fishing with friends.  His daughter, Olivia, enjoyed spending some quality time with her favorite four-legged friends while his youngest son, Matthew, took to the water.

Olivia and her new Clydesdale friend

Olivia and her new Clydesdale friend

Dr. Dougherty and Matthew with their Redfish catch!


Mission of Mercy 2016 was another great success!  Hundreds of volunteers  contributed from all over the area.  Almost 900 patients were seen for various procedures such as fillings, cleanings, and extractions totalling more than $600,000 in donated services.  Dr. D once again headed the Restorative department which overseas fillings and extractions.  Dr. Dougherty even had a chance to meet up with Tim Kaine, US Senator and former Virginia Governor, who made an appearance at the project.


Oakie, the mascot for Oakridge Elementary school in Arlington, made a visit to the office last month for his dental check-up and cleaning.  Oakie helps promote healthy habits in the community.  Oakie even has a blog and Twitter account to give children tips on staying happy and healthy.  Oakie left the office with sparkly teeth and a healthy mouth to show the kids back at school.


Our employees are always out running errands and taking care of business in the community.  This month's rough thunderstorm and hail proved no obstacle for Katie as she dashed through the parking lot!


Washington, DC hosted the American Dental Association's annual meeting this fall.  With over thousands of continuing education hours available, the team at DoughertyDDS was able to catch up on new technologies, healthcare, and advances in the dental industry.  Dr. D attended the House of Delegates again this year, serving as an Alternate Delegate for the state of Virginia.


Katie's son, Ian, is a future dentist in training.  He experimented with her loupes, a set of magnification glasses Katie wears when cleaning teeth.  He had a few laughs making bugs, toys, and fall leaves super big!


Orthodontists Drs. Berman and Lee made their annual rounds this Halloween.  This year they came by to say Bello (Hello in Minion language) all dressed as cute little Minions from Despicable Me.  Katie, a hygienist here at DoughertyDDS joined in dressed as the tooth fairy.  Dr. Berman's puppy even got in on the action!


Dr. Dougherty recently visited the Outer Banks for a weekend of Tuna and Mahi Mahi fishing... an annual outing.  The take for the day made for delicious California rolls and fresh meals.  While Dr. Dougherty's father is no longer able to make the trip, the father-son tradition is always present.


Every September, the Virginia Dental Association holds their annual meeting for both continuing education and the House of Delegates.  Dr. Dougherty received some special recognition this year.  He was inducted as President-Elect; the first position in a three year term as VDA President.  His new position involves attending board meetings around the state, planning meetings, and presenting reports.  Dr. D also attended the House of Delegates for the 16th time, serving as a delegate since 1999.  We are very proud of his new position with the Virginia Dental Association.  Dr. D can been seen with his fellow officers, smiling in back row center!


DoughertyDDS donates to Falls Church City Schools each fall.  The school board fills "New Teacher Bags" with goodies from businesses all over the city.  We are pleased to donate chapstick, flosscards, and toothbrushes for the honorable educators.  This is DoughertyDDS' fifth year donating and we enjoy the opportunity to help welcome the new teachers in the area to Falls Church.


Dr. Dougherty and his family visited the great state of Montana last month for an annual Flathead Lake Ranch trip.  While on vacation, they rode horses, went on nature hikes, and enjoyed the beautiful lake.  The family took a five mile hike at Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park this year.  The hike had gorgeous landscapes and waterfalls.  In this photo, Olivia, Brett, and Matthew took advantage of an amazing photo-op while on the hike.


Dr. Dougherty recently participated in 'Leadership Day' at the Northern Virginia Dental Clinic.  The clinic is located right here in Falls Church and provides dental services to the underserved community  Local dentists volunteer year round at the clinic.  Leadership Day is a wonderful opportunity for local dentsits to lend their knowledge and skills, while aiding the community.


DoughertyDDS is excited to offer a special in-house Dental Savings Plan for those patients without dental insurance benefits.  The plan has no deductibles or maximums, and there are no claims to file.  We offer plans for both traditional and Periodontal treatment needs.  The plans offer benefits for preventive care, while providing a discount on dental services.  We would love to talk to you about a Dental Savings Plan to best suit your needs.


Dr. Dougherty's family has a new addition walking around the house..... or rather, flying.  "Skittles" the Parakeet has taken up residence in the childrens' rooms.  He takes turns having sleepovers and is making himself right at home as the new member of the family.


One of our friendly faces at DoughertyDDS is saying farewell.  Stephanie has been accepted to a prestigious dental hygiene program and will be embarking on a new educational journey this fall.  We wish her well in her adventures and look forward to all the accomplishments she will achieve in years to come.  Congratulations Stephanie!


Dr. Dougherty is a proud member of the American Dental Association (ADA).  He is very active in the proefssional, legislative, and educational sides of the Association.  The ADA is proud to sponsor a new evidence-based resource called  This trusted site includes consumer friendly research and links pertaining to your oral health.


Puff flew in to make another appearence helping children learn the importance of good oral health.  Katie, one of our dental hygienists, recently visited a local Cub Scouts Den meeting with our best buddy Puff.  They talked about good brushing and flossing habits, healthy foods, and bad cavity bugs.  The children all had an opportunity to brush Puff's teeth, while asking questions about visiting the dentist.  The Scouts had a lot of stories to share with Katie and Puff about their visits.  Puff's teeth were pearly white by the time they went home!


This March, the Falls Church Chamber of Commerce held their spring Gala.  Dr. Dougherty attends this event every year.  He is an active member of the Chamber and donates prizes each year for the fundraising auction.  This year, DoughertyDDS donated a Sonicare toothbrush.  Dr. Dougherty also donated a stay at his vacation home in North Carolina.  The event was a huge success!


Right before the NCAA began their March Madness, the Falls Church City Elementary PTA was having some sports madness of their own.  The PTA staff of Falls Church Elementary schools took part in a huge fundraiser this spring.  Students cheered while PTA members particpated in games and all kinds of fun contests.  DoughertyDDS was proud to donate "swag-bag" goodie bags for the parents particpating in the fundraiser.  Great job parents!


Another Northern Virginia MOMs project has come and gone.  With over 800 patients treated, the March 2015 project was once again a success.  Dr. Dougherty participates annually and continues to head the Restorative Department which includes fillings.  The project provided over $500,000 of donated dental care.  He attends meetings throughout the year to keep abreast of new developments in the project and plan for over 500 volunteers.  The committees have already commenced to prepare for the 2016 project.

Left to Right: Tom Wilson (Executive Director of the Virginia Dental Clinic), Dr. Fernando Meza (President of Northern Virginia Dental Society), Cathy Griffanti (Executive Director of the Northern Virginia Dental Society), and our very own Dr. Dougherty


Each fall, DoughertyDDS donates toothbrushes, toothpaste, and chapstick to Falls Church school bags.  These bags are distributed to new teachers in Falls Church City schools.  Dr. Dougherty has been a 'Businesses In Education' partner with the Falls Church City schools for several years.  The bags are a wonderful way to welcome new educators to the Falls Church community.


Another Halloween has come and gone. Dr. Dougherty and Katie took a little piece of work home this year to celebrate. While Katie dressed as a Tooth Fairy to trick-or-treat with her son, Dr. Dougherty carved a sad-toothed pumpkin for his children. I think it's safe to say they both love their jobs!


Dr. Dougherty was inducted into the International College of Dentists (ICD) at the American Dental Association's annual session last week. The meeting was held in San Antonio, TX. The ICD recognizes leadership and promotes excellence with an emphasis on service. The College's core values are Integrity - Leadership - Service. Members are acknowledged for their commitment and dedication to oral health needs throughout the world. Inductees are peer-nominated. We are proud to recognize Dr. Dougherty as an ICD member.


Last month, Dr. Dougherty sponsored the annual Chamber of Commerce mini-golf event. Local businesses gather every year. Dr. Dougherty is very active with the Falls Church Chamber and regularly donates to sponsored events. Dr. Dougherty sponsored one of the holes for the mini-golf portion of the event. This year, Katie and her family attended to represent the office.


A local dental office has a friendly pumpkin painting competition every year. Dental offices from the Northern Virginia area submit their pumpkin designs for a little holiday fun. This year, DoughertyDDS presented a Minion pumpkin named Jerry. Patient Care Coordinator, Stephanie, put her creative skills to use decorating our little minion. We think Jerry turned out pretty adorable and we are excited about the competition.


Dr. Dougherty attended the Virginia Meeting this past week. This is the annual conference for the Virginia Dental Association. Dr. D received a Presidential Citation honor for his exceptional service and dedication as Online Mentor Task Force Chair. For the past year, Dr. Dougherty had been the Chair of a task force which helps dental students connect with the dental professional community. Through the mentorship program, students are able to learn from and network with local dentists.


Dr. Dougherty was recently elected to a new position within the Northern Virginia Dental Society (NVDS). He is the new NVDS Representative to the Virginia Dental Association's Board of Directors. Throughout Dr. Dougherty's term, he will be attending state board meetings, and representing the local dental society component. Dr. D will be participating in these meetings on NVDS's behalf. This is a new position for Dr. D and we are very proud of all his hard work for his profession.


You may have noticed a new face around the office. Stephanie joined our team this past winter. She grew up here in Northern Virginia and aspires to be a dental hygienist. She brings a smile to everyone she meets. Make sure to introduce yourself at your next appointment. Welcome Stephanie!


Dr. Dougherty recently sponsored his son's Arlington Babe Ruth baseball team. The donation helped supply uniforms as well as supplies for the 4th and 5th grade children. Dr. Dougherty enjoyed being part of the team's large support system.


Dr. Dougherty and Katie recently visited area preschools to help teach young children about the importance of clean teeth and healthy mouths. The children had a chance to enjoy "Puff," the office dental dragon puppet. By brushing and flossing his teeth, they were able to have fun practicing their skills. The children were excited to learn about brushing and see all the fun "toys" used at the office.

Child education holds a special place in their hearts, as they both have young children. Dr. Dougherty's son Matthew, and neighbor, Savannah, are sporting their masks in the photograph below. In the photograph above, Katie's son, Ian, is practicing his flossing skills with Puff.


Our hygienist, Jaclyn, recently visited the beautiful country of Ireland. She spent the week touring the cities and countryside. She was able to share some of her memories with us. We wanted to extend the lovely experience with you. It was an amazing trip!


It's that time of year again! March hosts Northern Virginia's largest community dental event. Dr. Dougherty has been an active member with Mission of Mercy since it began over ten years ago. As chairman of the Restorative Dentistry department, he leads the other dentists in delivering dental care and filling cavities. Charitable dental care has always been an important part of Dr. Dougherty's philosophy. Giving back to the community is a valuable part of being a medical professional. Over 550 volunteers provided care to over 900 patients! Another record breaking year for MOMs!

(Pictured: left to right- Michael Grable: Radiology Chairman, Michael, Dr. Paul Olenyn, Dr. Dougherty, and Cathy Griffanti: Northern Virginia Dental Society Executive Director)


Last fall, The Virginia Dental Association held their annual meeting. Dr. Dougherty has been a VDA Delegate since 1999. Local politicians frequently make appearances at the meeting and Dr. D had a chance to meet with them. Dr. Paul Gossar of Arizona and Dr. Mike Simpson of Idaho were present at the 2013 meeting. Dr. Dougherty was able to capture the moment with a few dentists and past VDA Presidents as well.

(Pictured: from left to right- Dr. Paul Gossar, Dr. Bruce Hutchinson, Dr. William Dougherty, Dr. Gus Valhos, Dr. Kirk Norbo, and Dr. Mike Simpson)


It's never too late to enjoy last summer's memories! Dr. Dougherty and his family visited a ranch last August. The ranch offered many outdoor adventures. Dr. D had the opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the horses. Let's hope he doesn't decide to take on equestrian patients!


Dr. D is meeting with colleagues in North Carolina this weekend, to prepare for ADA's annual session later this month. Along with some other Virginia Dental Society legislative members, he will be representing the state of Virginia. Together, with the state of South Carolina, the three states comprise the 16th District of the American Dental Association.


DoughertyDDS recently attended the annual Virginia Meeting of the Virginia Dental Association. The meeting offers continuing education courses, networking, hands-on opportunities, and hosts the state House of Delegates. This year, Dr. Dougherty was the lead of "Counsel on Sessions." As such, he organized the speakers, venue, and continuing education for the meeting. After over a year's worth of planning, the meeting was a huge success.

The meeting hosted over 1,200 registrants in 2013, at The Homestead, in Hot Springs, Virginia.

Sports and Health

After Darrell Green retired from football, he began WalkFitHealth. As a Redskins Hall of Famer, he wanted to educated others about the importance of longevity and healthy living. This year, he presented at The Virginia Meeting at The Homestead. Dentists and dental auxiliaries had the opportunity to discover how WalkFitHealth can impact the daily health of their patients, and themselves. Dr. Dougherty had the pleasure of working closely with him during the meeting.


For the fourth year in a row, Dr. Dougherty has been named Falls Church's Best Dentist. In the annual Falls Church News Press competition, residents from the surrounding areas vote on their Best doctors, vendors, and establishments. At DoughertyDDS, we are proud to bring you quality dental care with a personal, family touch. After being in the Falls Church community for 25 years, being elected Best Dentist four years running is truly a humbling and rewarding honor. Thank you to all of our patients who voted!


"Dr. Olivia" made a return visit last month. This time, she shared her expertise in the field of impressions. With the help of Dr. Dougherty, she successfully created a perfect template for her patient! Way to go "Dr. Olivia!"


Dr. Dougherty concluded his laser periodontal surgery course in Los Angeles last month. Robert Gregg, one of the instructors, is the President of The Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry. He is also the co-founder of Millennium Dental Technologies, and creator of LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure). Over the last year, Dr. D has traveled numerous times and spent countless hours to complete the course. We are proud to bring the specialized expertise and training to our periodontal surgery procedures.


Our GREEN office program is still going strong! In 2009, our office was certified with the Environmental Excellence Program. We are the only dental office in the state with this recognition. After four years of environmental initiatives, we have recycled over 1300 pounds of material. We also take pride in our clean water management and energy efficient equipment.

As professionals in our community, we believe in setting a good example for those around us. We are committed to keeping the environment healthy for our patients, as well as minimizing our carbon footprint so the future generations can continue to enjoy the natural beauty of our world.


Dr. D, Jaclyn, Micheal, and Katie recently attended Dr. Stanley Malamed's continuing education course on Emergencies in the Dental Office. Dr. Malamed is a leader in dental emergencies and is both a dentist and an anesthesiologist in southern California. The course reviewed prevention and protocols for dental emergencies. Continuing education is an important part of the dental field and the office participates in numerous courses each year.


Dr. D is at it again! This spring, he was presented with the James S. Elkin Award for Humanitarianism from the Falls Church Chamber of Commerce. In addition to his services as the Chamber's Co-Vice Chair of membership, his efforts to green DoughertyDDS, and his work teaching dental hygiene to preschoolers, Dr. Dougherty was recognized for his leadership and support of Mission of Mercy. Dr. Dougherty has been an active member within the Falls Church community for over 25 years. Congratulations Dr. Dougherty!


Dr. Dougherty visited his son's preschool this past February for National Children's Dental Health Month. Each year, Dr. D visits local youth to teach the importance of brushing and flossing. As a longtime advocate to the legislative dental community, educating young minds about good oral health is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Dr. D also frequently participates in February's local 'Give Kids A Smile' community project. Preschool children in the area districts visit to polish up their pearly whites and check for cavities. With the help of his brushing buddy, "Puff the dragon," Dr. D brings smiles to the faces of young children.


Our office now offers minimally invasive LANAP Periodontal surgery (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure). LANAP is the first and only FDA cleared laser protocol on the market. With no cutting or sutures, patients experience more comfort. The surgery is able to regenerate bone without grafting. With the possibility of stem cells, the LANAP procedure creates new treatment opportunities in the treatment of Periodontal disease to achieve optimum periodontal health.


DoughertyDDS recently participated in the Northern Virginia Mission of Mercy project. The annual event provides charitable dental services to the under-served community. Dr. Dougherty has been part of the two day project since it commenced ten years ago. As leader of the restorative department, Dr. Dougherty provided support and guidance to local area dentists. Jointly, the project delivered dental services to over 800 area patients.

This was Jaclyn's first experience with Mission of Mercy. As a dental hygienist, she contributed knowledge and skills in the administration of local anesthesia. Her favorite part was being able to aid those in need. The office's dental assistant, Micheal, worked together with local dentists to deliver various services such as x-rays, supplies, sterilization, as well as an extra set of hands for dental procedures.


Dr. Dougherty, a Falls Church Lion, was recently awarded the Lions of Virginia Distinguished Humanitarian Award. The Lions of Virginia Foundation is the charitable arm of the Lions. The award represents outstanding commitment and dedication of rendering humanitarian services in the community.

Dr. Dougherty has been actively supporting the Falls Church Lions Charities succeed in their mission for over 20 years. The Falls Church Lions Club proudly presented Dr. Dougherty with their highest honor.


Dr. Dougherty is serving as the newest editorial reviewer for the Virginia Dental Journal. The Journal is the flagship of Virginia dentistry. It is comprised of peer-reviewed scientific content as well as thought-provoking editorials, educational listings, and much more. Since it's premier in 1923, the Journal has been a trusted resource for members. Dr. Dougherty is a career-long member of the Virginia Dental Association and volunteers a large amount of time to the advancement of the profession. As an editorial reviewer, he has the opportunity to actively participate in the publication of these significant contributions.

GOODBYE 2012... WELCOME 2013!

As 2012 comes to an end, we would like to take the time to thank all of our patients for being a special part of the DoughertyDDS family. We continue to value your oral health, as well as your respect and loyalty to the practice. Best wishes for 2013 and we look forward to seeing each of you in the new year. Thank you for giving us a reason to smile!


In case you haven't noticed, there is a new face at the office. Registered Dental Hygienist, Jaclyn, joined our team this summer. Jaclyn has exceptional experience in patient care. She makes patients priority #1. Jaclyn looks forward to building lasting relationships with patients. Her smiling face is a great addition to our team.


Dr. D will be visiting sunny Cerritos, California this December to complete an advanced continuing education course from the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry (IALD). The course is an extension of his current IALD certification. The course allows doctors to gain more insights for successful, safe, and optimal Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) techniques. Dr. D received his IALD certification in May of this year. The periodontal surgery uses a laser and is a "no cut, no sew" procedure.


On a trip to Outer Banks, NC, Dr. Dougherty reeled in a 40 pound Wahoo. Wahoos are known by sports fisherman for their speed. Mahi Mahi and Tuna were other big takes of the day. Dr. Vince Dougherty Jr. (Dr. D's dad) highlighted his day with a 200 pound shark. While too heavy to pull from the water, the shark was originally intended to be set free. Overall, an exciting day for all!


Dr. D and Jaclyn recently completed a continuing education course of Regenerative Therapies in Clinical Practice. While learning about biological responses and surgical techniques, the course incorporates various methods of treatment. The course is supported by The Academy of General Dentistry.


In October, Dr. Dougherty participated in the ADA annual conference. Serving as an Alternate to the national House of Delegates, he represented the Virginia Dental Association. He completed continuing education courses in restorative and implant dentistry.

As luck would have it, he also met San Francisco 49ers Hall of Famer, Steve Young. He was able to bring two autographed footballs back home for his boys. What a great surprise!


Dr. Dougherty is now making a presence on YouTube. The channel provides videos pertaining to research, periodontal disease, and dental treatments, featuring laser gum surgery. This convenient way to search makes taking care of your dental needs quicker and easier. Check out the updated videos on our channel.


For the third year in a row, Dr. Dougherty has been awarded the title of Best Dentist. Each year, Falls Church runs a contest for area businesses. DoughertyDDS is honored to receive this recognition. Thank you to everyone who cast a vote for us.


Olivia recently made a guest appearance at the office to "practice" her dental skills. She helped place stickers on charts and watched her father work. She asked many questions and even had her chance to peak at Miss Jean's teeth. Maybe someday "Dr." Olivia will be the next Dr. Dougherty in the family.


This past spring, Dr. Dougherty participated in the charitable Mission of Mercy project of Northern Virginia. For the 6th year in a row, he has been leading the Restorative Department of the project. Along with many friends and colleagues, the project served a record number of over 850 patients this year. Mission of Mercy offers donated dental care to those in need. Dr. Dougherty has been working with the project since its inaugural year in 2004.


Kate has returned to West Virginia to pursue a career in dentistry. A first year student at West Virginia University, she is utilizing her knowledge as a dental hygienist to fulfill her dream of being a dentist. Kate recently visited the office after a warm cruise to the Bahamas. She will miss the people and places in Northern Virginia, but is excited about her new adventure.


Dr. Dougherty went fishing with his friends down in North Carolina, and they caught a LOT of Blackfin Tuna. As Dr. D was reeling one in, a huge shark jumped out of the water and bit off the bottom half. If you look closely, the shark's teeth marks are visible in the remaining part of the tuna.

Dr. Dougherty has been very busy serving as a Delegate. He attended, as Delegate, the Virginia Governance Meeting in Fredericksburg, which was held by the VDA (Virginia Dental Association) September 17 and 18. They discussed and voted on many issues specific to dentistry in Virginia.

In preparation for the Annual American Dental Association Meeting, the 16th District, which includes Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, held its own meeting in Roanoke, also during September. Dr. D served as Alternate Delegate, as he would in the upcoming national meeting.

And finally, on October 9th, Dr. Dougherty flew to Las Vegas for the Annual ADA Meeting, which was held at the MGM Grand Hotel. The meeting attracted over 28,000 dental professionals from 79 different countries. The opening General Session opened with Condoleezza Rice as the 2011 Distinguished Speaker. Dr. D attended many conferences, during which he took part, as Alternate Delegate, in discussing and voting on many issues, including by-laws and policies, financial matters, continuing education, membership, legislation, and dental benefits. They also voted in an entire new group of Officers, including, President-elect, 2nd Vice President, and Speaker of the House. The meeting lasted for six days, after which Dr. D returned to Virginia to tend to his patients.


Congratulations to Dr. Dougherty for being chosen as Falls Church's Best Dentist by the Falls Church New-Press for the second year in a row!


Dr. Dougherty and Office Manager Teresa Duncan attended the Virginia Dental Association's annual meetin

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